My name is Jason Mahill and I serve as the pastor of Harvest Community Baptist Church in Corcoran, California where I live with my wife and 3 daughters.

The goal of this blog is to serve as my writing outlet with articles dealing with topics of theology, questions about the Bible, religion, and life in general. Even though I have a degree in ministry and I am working on earning an MDiv as well as a Masters in Education, I have surrounded myself with people who could not be more opposite in world view or different in perspectives on life. As a church kid (an adult who has known church all his life), I hope to bring out many of the questions I had over the years, but also bring out the insights of the conversations I’ve had with people who do not believe the Bible is God’s word or hold to any religious belief.

With this blog, I hope to tackle issues and reflections that reach across a wide variety of topics that I and others deal with. At times, a posting will read like a devotional and others will sound more like a commentary on the way things ought to be. At times, I hope to bring up questions for discussion on issues that many in church try to avoid or say is no big deal.

What I hope to accomplish is to bring out what the Bible says either in the posts or the responses to the posts.  However, when the Bible is vague and does not provide clear direction to a topic or question, a posting will point this out without apology and hopefully generate responses.


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